Friday, May 28, 2010


"Potential" (20 x 20) This is my 'lofty' piece. The words on the front say...'grow, can your mind come out to play?, potential, love what you do, amazingly powerful, and imagine.'
"Set Free" (20 x 20) Very textured. It has an industrial feel to me.

"New Beginnings" (20 x 20) Layered with a very faint hint of something beginning to grow.

"Happiness" (20 x 20)...on the front it says 'feel it...own it...' I'm loving this free style. That's silver leaf in the corner.

I put on some good music and accomplished so much today in the studio! We made our extra bedroom into an office/studio. When you walk in the door, if you stand on the right side of the room it's the office and then turn around and take one step to the left side of the room it becomes the studio. Works for us!
My discovery.....when trying to change - note to self - you can't fix everything at once. There is only so much you can work on at one time. One step at a time! But it's fun to be excited about it!!


  1. Love the "set free" peice it is truly amazing!

  2. Thank you so much! It is representing my frame of mind right now.


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