Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Paintings on the wall

The paintings are dry from yesterday's post and on the wall in my living room! I took pictures from every angle......a little much but, oh well.

I think you can see the rug in front of the couch here from World Market. It's jute with flowers much like those in the paintings.

Taken from the back door.

Again, taken from the back door looking into the dining room. Thanks for humoring me and allowing me the pleasure of sharing my decorating fancies.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Step by Step

These are two pictures I took while out shopping one day. They have been clipped to my inspiration bar waiting for just the right moment. I wish I could remember where I was or what artist created these.....so, so sorry! They inspired me to use the beautiful arrangements for the paintings in my living room. Although I enlarged and changed the background and the colors to match our decor, the arrangement is so similar that I cannot sell these or make prints of them. I have had several people ask me the process for my paintings so I took pictures along the way for you to see step-by-step.
The project began by covering two 24x48 canvases with vintage pattern paper. Just like decoupage.
The finished collage has vintage pattern paper on the top two thirds and pattern instructions on the bottom third to make it appear more dense.
After dry, the entire canvas is covered with burnt umber just enough to hit the high points.
Greens and blues are added in the same way.
Using watered down acrylics, the outline of the design is drawn in with a one inch brush.
Colors are blocked in.
I used this one inch brush for the entire painting.
Add darks and lights with complementary colors and analogous colors.
Add the purple flower.
After acrylic is dry, add more lights and darks with oil pastels. This makes the colors blend together nicely.
Oil pastels have been added here.
One of my favorite elements of the inspiration pictures were the twigs in the foreground. They add a contemporary twist. The twigs were drawn on with chalk after everything was dry. I traced the chalk lines with a thick mixture of black and burnt umber.
These are the finished paintings. They are still wet....the twigs.....so I will have to post pictures of how they look in the living room tomorrow!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Today's work....

"Paris in the Spring" 18x18

Some days it is hard to figure out what to paint or how to paint it! Today I am supposed to be working on 2 canvases 24x48 to go on either side of the tv in my living room. The backgrounds are finished and I like it so now I am frozen as to what to paint on them for fear of messing it up. Here it comes.....creaping up from my toes.....the fear of not being good enough. Down, boy....Down!! I'm really enjoying "Paris in the Spring" though.....soon available in my shop....original and prints.

Before I added flowers....

Maybe if I paint it, it will happen!!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Decorating and Discovering

My mom and I found the cutest place for lunch. Martha's Bloomers in Navasota, Tx. The setting was beautiful with fountains, flowers, and plants. Very serene and calm.
A great place to be inspired. The reflections, colors, subject matter.......makes me want to get in the studio right now! Very Monet-ish.

This is the garden cafe......so beautiful and delicious! The manager, Bonnie, was very gracious and made us feel as if we were old friends.

Everywhere you look there were interesting textures and structures.....

There were many rooms on sight to shop and browse. One, in particular, was special because......

Kelly Rae Roberts' artwork was on display!!
What a grand surprise to see her creative work! Talk about inspiration!! Wow!

Here are a few pictures of what we have been working on this week. My dining room......isn't it delicious!!! The center piece (also known as the rain forest) came from Z Gallerie.
I just love the contrast between the clean lines of all the furniture and the wild and crazy center piece! The chairs came from Pier 1 and have been on my wish list for quite some time. While I was away helping my daughter with my beautiful grandbaby, my husband bought them and had them waiting for me when I got home. I know, awwwwww.......

The living room is complete except for two paintings....one above each of the white chairs. The 24"x48" canvases are patiently waiting for me in the studio. Pressure!!!
The week has gone by sooo fast! We have marked off almost the whole long list in 3 full days of shopping, returning, getting lost, getting distracted, and enjoying every minute of it.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Today is the day!

My mom is coming today!!! We are going to decorate, hang pictures, shop, find cutsie lunch places, and have loads of fun! I love it when she comes. I have been waiting on her visit to really concentrate on making my house pretty because she is sooo good at decorating and it's much more fun to do it together. I'll post a few 'result' pictures later. Off to the airport to pick her up....YAY!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Your purse

"Purse-onality" 8x8

The interior of a woman's purse is like peering into her mind + soul. I didn't realize how much the contents of our purse reveals about our character and what is going on in our lives at that particular time. It is our connection to home and comfort. It is our security. Think about how the contents change as we age.
Teens - lip gloss, cell phone
New mothers - pacifier, diapers, wipes, blanket, bottle
Mother's of toddlers - toys, snacks
Mother's of teens - Excedrin
Empty nesters - money!
Mature woman - Preparation H

The contents of our purse is a measure of personal growth. What does your purse say about you??

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Guess what I'm thinking of.....

"Thoughts of Venice" 18x18
I started with a canvas covered in vintage pages from an old algebra book yesterday. The background looked very 'old world' and, when deciding what to paint on it today, I went straight to our pictures of Venice. We had such a wonderful time last summer on our vacation in Italy. When I start looking at all those pictures it takes me right back to the sights and smells, the art, the flowers, the people.....the bird that dive bombed Rick trying to steal his sandwich! The painting reminds me of an antique picture long forgotten that has worn and wrinkled.....with many stories behind it.

Thank you for visiting my new online shop on Etsy. Many of you have asked, "What is Etsy?" Etsy is a global online marketplace for selling and buying handmade goods. They provide the actual technology to have a storefront and they provide the market. It is a user-friendly and safe place to do business for both buyer and seller.

Notice the buttons on the right side of my blog. You can go directly to my shop by clicking any one of the paintings! Happy shopping.....new prints are up. One original is listed with more to come! I have to tell you....I'm very excited.....I have already had a sale!!! That is fabulous!! Thank you!! Pass the word....pass the link to this blog.....YOU are the best!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day

"Get Noticed" 10x10

Labor Day makes me think of:

  • the end of summer

  • beginning of school

  • football season

  • cooler weather

  • time to get back into a routine

  • getting down to business

That's exactly what I am doing today....getting down to business. Painting in the studio today and so happy to be able to!

My newest original "Get Noticed" is all about being yourself. Conforming and blending in is fine but there are times when you need to stand alone and let your 'voice' be heard whether it be through art, music, business, sports, etc. Choose to be brave enough to step out in a positive way to make a difference in your life and those around you. Live life with purpose and conviction.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

My Online Shop is OPEN!!!!!!

Oh.....my......goodness! After blood, sweat and pixels I think I have schooched over the technology speed bump and actually listed a few items on my online Etsy shop! Right now there are only prints listed and I will be adding more each day. Originals will be coming soon as well. Please visit and give me your feedback....I need constructive criticism. Besides, I would love to know if you have stopped by!! http://www.barbaragerman.etsy.com

Friday, September 3, 2010

Art of distraction

"Words of Wisdom" 12x12

It feels good to be back in the studio playing around today. Such a good distraction to help me over grandbaby withdrawals. Thank goodness for Skype later today! Technology amazes me. I wonder what will be the latest gadget when baby Shane is grown....

I love word pictures and analogies. This painting has a lot to say. 'Words of Wisdom' says 'dream big', 'you will not fear the arrow that flies by day', 'do more than cross your fingers'. As we are 'flying' through our lives and wanting more....to live our dreams....we need to take action to make those dreams a reality because they won't just show up one day. It takes hard work to get to where we want to go. In fact, it may be harmful to us if we are given something before we are ready for it without working hard. We are like baby chicks hatching from their shell, they are building their strength through the hatching process which will help them survive later stages of development. There will also be times of frustration and failure......voila....the 'free space'! Give yourself a break. Take a breather....a change of scenery....a chance to rest...walk away.....start fresh...ask for help.

That's what I had to do trying to get my online shop ready....give myself a 'free space'. It seems so simple but the banner....the sign to my shop, is giving me sooo much trouble. I like technology but I am definitely not gifted in that area so I have to ask for help...ugh. While I'm waiting, I will paint!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Leaving his mark

I'm in love....I'm in love.....I'm in love.....I'm in love.....I'm in love (song from South Pacific running through my head). Precious baby Shane is so beautiful he just takes our breath away. It was time for me to leave yesterday.....very hard. Bre is feeling so much better and it makes me so happy to see her able to enjoy her sweet little family. I have a feeling that Grammy and Grandpa will be visiting quite often though.
These exquisite photos were taken by Holly Hackler in her amazing studio. I was able to be there during the process and how she got such great pictures is incredible to me because Shane was awake and constantly moving the whole time. They wanted him to be asleep so he would be relaxed but Shane, being so advanced, knew something was up and wasn't about to miss a minute of it.
Just after this photo, Daddy took his individual photo with baby Shane. As if on cue, Shane definitely left his mark all over Daddy's shirt. In the picture, you would never know it. So funny!!
Seriously, this baby is leaving a mark on our hearts that is undeniable. What an amazing miracle babies are.....their tiny hands, little feet, perfect lips.....God's creations on loan. Wow. If I had really wrapped my head around that as a young mother I would have done so many things differently. We do the best we know how to do with what we have at that given moment in life and His grace covers the rest.