Thursday, September 2, 2010

Leaving his mark

I'm in love....I'm in love.....I'm in love.....I'm in love.....I'm in love (song from South Pacific running through my head). Precious baby Shane is so beautiful he just takes our breath away. It was time for me to leave yesterday.....very hard. Bre is feeling so much better and it makes me so happy to see her able to enjoy her sweet little family. I have a feeling that Grammy and Grandpa will be visiting quite often though.
These exquisite photos were taken by Holly Hackler in her amazing studio. I was able to be there during the process and how she got such great pictures is incredible to me because Shane was awake and constantly moving the whole time. They wanted him to be asleep so he would be relaxed but Shane, being so advanced, knew something was up and wasn't about to miss a minute of it.
Just after this photo, Daddy took his individual photo with baby Shane. As if on cue, Shane definitely left his mark all over Daddy's shirt. In the picture, you would never know it. So funny!!
Seriously, this baby is leaving a mark on our hearts that is undeniable. What an amazing miracle babies are.....their tiny hands, little feet, perfect lips.....God's creations on loan. Wow. If I had really wrapped my head around that as a young mother I would have done so many things differently. We do the best we know how to do with what we have at that given moment in life and His grace covers the rest.

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