Saturday, April 30, 2011

Day of artsy fun

This was a day of super spontaneous fun with a great new friend that loves art just as much as I do!! It was so much fun to spend the day in Houston with 'C'!! We started at the Musuem of Fine Arts inspecting the impressionist exhibit so closely that we had to be "reminded" to stand back 12 inches!! Seeing the originals up close is amazing.
Our next stop was meant to be Texas Art Supply....a favorite that we eventually got to but could not pass up Adkins Antiques. They have so many great architectural pieces, doors, columns, knobs, and on and on in a fantastic old house.
And....swinging into High Fashion Home was definitely not a mistake. This place is THE place!

To end a wonderful day without going to The Chocolate Bar first would've have been a sin so.....we found ourselves smack dab in the middle of choc.....o.......late! Thanks, C, for a fabulously fun filled day!

Art Exhibition

MSC Forsyth Logo

3rd Annual Juried Art Exhibition

at the Forsyth Center Galleries

in Downtown Bryan

3rd Annual Juried Art Exhibition
Regional Artists Work on Display
works in progress
Come out this summer to view some of the best of local and regional artists. This year's exhibition will feature contemporary art of various media including photography, sculpture, jewelry, painting and more. A reception will be held for the exhibit on May 20th and the public is encouraged to attend. Many of the artists will be present, you are encouraged to come meet them and ask questions about their work. Awards will be announced for the top works selected by the jurors. If you are not able to attend the reception, visit the Forsyth between May 20th and July 22nd to view this unique exhibit.
"The Canyon" by Barbara German Where & When
110 N. Main St.
Bryan, Texas 77803
May 20th-July 22nd
Tues- Sat 10:00AM-6:00PM
juried show
MSC Forsyth Center Galleries
110 N. Main St.
Bryan, Texas 77803

Monday, April 18, 2011

Art Fair Pictures!

What a nice Street and Art Fair! A little windy in the beginning, but it settled down for a day full of art and music. Zip ties are now on my "Get Ready for an Art Show" list! Lots of pictures of my booth as well as Mary's. "Work in Progress" was given away in the drawing....congrats, Melissa! The booth was 10x10. Thank you to those who voted this booth the "Community Choice Award"! What an honor! My sister, Mary, and me. Our booths were right next to each other. Mary's tree dangles......even trees need jewelry! Flowers to brighten up your, deer, and bug proof. Great pendant display! Beautiful handbuilt and glazed vases.
My camera didn't capture the beautiful turquoise of Mary's wall plaques. And in the foreground, the bread and butter....stars and crosses. They always make great gifts.

We had a great weekend and enjoyed the show. Thank you to all who could come!! And to those who sent encouragement.....thank you, too!!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Street and ART Fair

Downtown Arts and Culture Association


Saturday, April 16, 2011 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

I am looking forward to Saturday! I will have my 2nd ever show! This time, Mary, my very creative and talented sister, from Under One Roof in Wimberley will have a booth set up beside me with her pottery.

We will be on 26th street right in front of two of my very favorite places in Bryan, The Village, and Jimni which I have mentioned in previous posts.

This event coincides with Texas A&M Parent Weekend so thousands of extra people will be in town with the Street Fair being built-in entertainment for them. Hoping for a huge crowd!

Friday, April 8, 2011

A Generous Spirit

Nicholas Simmons.....the Gold award winning, DaVinci and Princeton sponsored, published in many books and magazines Nicholas Simmons.....the amazingly talented Nicholas Simmons.....the down to earth and generous Nicholas Simmons is here in our little town teaching us his techniques. Look at his fabulous work here.

It has been such an eye opening few days. I feel a whole new sense of inspiration with which I can't wait to experiment! Nicholas Simmons has been a great teacher and it has been such an honor to take a workshop from him!!

The picture above is from the demonstration he did with us today.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Empower Each Other

"Empower Each Other" 20x20

The eyes say it me, set boundaries for me, show me the way, teach me, Empower me for the future. Many students' faces come to my mind through this plea. Being a middle school teacher allowed me an inside look at the crossroads the kids are at during that age. Their 'wall' said "I got this." but their heart cries out for attention and help.

"The future depends on what we do in the present." ~ Gandhi