Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Uh Oh....

Oh No!! I'm in BIG trouble!! Right next door to my new favorite hangout, The Village Cafe, is a wonderful, fabulously creative boutique. They have the most glorious jewelry, the greatest gifts, terrific candles, and the CUTEST clothes ever! The name is even unique.... Jim.n.i. ....! The owner, Earlene Butcher, said she and her husband, Jim, have wanted to open a shop like this for years. She talked about "Jim and I want to do this, and Jim and I want to do that" so much that her family said 'You have to name the shop Jim.n.i.'!!

The jewelry!

The purses!

The clothes!

It is such a pleasure to visit with Earlene and to be in her creative world. Make it a point to come to downtown Bryan to experience this fantastic boutique! I will probably be there....shhhhhh....


  1. Hi Barbara.... I'm Earlene's daughter and it's such a blast to read your post about my mom's shop. Here's something my mom didn't tell you about the name Jim.n.i .... Ok, maybe I'm just being wishful, but I'm a gemini so, you know, she had to choose that name. It meshed with all of us :)

  2. oh, that is major shopping danger being right next to your favorite cafe! i really love that purse! :)

  3. I help Earlene out at the shop. I agree, she is so sweet and has the cutest stuff!


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