Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My new favorite hangout

I love downtowns....big city downtowns, little town downtowns......all of them. They are interesting, eclectic, and always have a story. It's sad when a downtown isn't maintained and used with all it has to offer. My new town is restoring it's downtown in a great and exciting way. In exploring the revitalization, I came across a wonderful ART CAFE!!!!! It's called, The Village Cafe.
Their mission is to support all things, music, and art. They house a revolving art gallery and live music. The Village Cafe wants to give all forms of art a stage to be enjoyed as a community. It has a big city contemporary feel in this small historic downtown. How exciting because I am a city girl!!! I found my new hangout!

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  1. looks like a cool place- and i love the idea of supporting all things local! :)


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