Monday, October 25, 2010

She planted a seed

As a little girl, I grew up enjoying my grandmother's beautiful hand painted china that she created. She was a wonderful artist....china painter, oil painter, seamstress, and more. Today, I look at it with a different eye....studying
the detail, knowing the patience it must of taken to achieve the results. She took many classes and workshops to perfect her art.

It would have been amazing to watch her paint! She left an impression on me by just doing what she enjoyed and entrusting me with some of her art. She left a legacy in so many ways but has truly inspired me in an artistic way....unknowingly planting a seed.

My grandmother loved sparkly things. This chandelier hung at her vanity table. I remember sitting at her table admiring all the beautiful bottles of perfume and special containers of makeup. The chandelier made me feel like a princess as it twinkled its prisms across the mirror.

This special, beautiful chandelier has been in a dusty ol' box in my attic for several years until yesterday. Several months ago, I read a blog post by Kerri Arista. I am so glad Kerri thought to share this on her blog!!! Kerri is a very talented musician/songwriter who has blogfriended me. Her blog is so uplifting and inspirational. Be sure to check it out here. A friend gave her a chandelier to make her closet feel special and it made me think of my grandmother's chandelier covered in dust, in a box, patiently waiting to shine it's beautiful prisms again. I immediately knew it had a new home....although very unconventional. After sending it home with my dad, who can fix anything, he brought it back to me with new wires and hung it IN MY CLOSET!!! It is so SPECIAL....a secret place that when I open my closet every morning so many memories rush through my thoughts. Who knew a light could illuminate more than darkness!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

out there and vulnerable

I just entered 3 originals in the Brazos Valley Art League Judged Show. I probably never would have done it had I ever attended a show like this because I would have been too intimidated. So I guess ignorance is a good thing sometimes. The pieces that were coming in were soooo amazing. Oh my gosh. My artwork can provide the comic relief.....! I confident. Who knew that paint on a piece of canvas would make a person feel so vulnerable. Then again, why place so much emphasis on what anybody else struggle....because I really like what I painted!
It's just a painting hanging on a wall for people to like or not. Art is subjective anyway. Do I like it? Yes! Okay, then!

The show will be up for the rest of October. This is a great chance for me to meet other artists in the area just like I was hoping would happen. In fact, I am having lunch with a new artist friend next week and going to explore shops with a different new artist friend! It's really fun meeting new people and discovering what inspires them.
I'm up against the walls of my comfortable boundaries pushing them wider and wider. It's easy to stay in the middle of the circle. It takes a conscious effort and determination to lean against the edge of the circle and push it out to make a bigger one.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


I'm in the process of unbogging myself. I'm giving myself a pep talk. The last several days I have sat in the studio saying 'Come creative!' The work I produced a word.....gross!....totally unacceptable....embarrassing. When that happens it really messes with my confidence! So today, I stood back and approached it as play again. Have fun....just play with something I like. This cute little lady with her short skirt and leopard boa appeared and said without hesitation...fear more....keep it up....don't take yourself so seriously....have have great opportunities before you. It's a mind game! I wonder if other artists feel the same way. After all, hours are spent alone in the studio....just me and the brush. It's time for me to get out for an inspiration walk, lunch with new friends, give my mind a break instead of trying to force a product. Feeling better....I guess it helps to get it all out on'paper', look at what's going on, then MOVE ON! Actually, the perfect medicine for this inspiration block is coming up this weekend.......a visit to my daughter, son-in-law, and grandbaby!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

A New Class

I started a new online class called Hands and Heart Mixed Media Faces by Monica Zuniga. It's really challenging and fun.....and HARD. I have a lot to learn and a long way to go but this canvas today called "Terrific Strength" seemed to have a story....a past. She has strength because the struggles in her life have made her strong.
Darlene Pringle of A Dancing Mango, one of my very encouraging blog friends, recommended the class. The faces she draws and paints are beautiful. It's so fun to connect with others that have the same interests and are so willing to help each other!
I'll keep you posted on my progress.....and hopefully my improvement!

Monday, October 4, 2010

From Me to Me

I almost forgot! During my "Flying Lessons" class, one of our assignments was to write a letter to ourselves to be opened several months later. I wrote my letter on the last day of May to be opened October 1, 2010. We were to write positive goals and benchmarks we wanted to achieve and give ourselves an overall great pep talk.
When I open my letter today I felt so good! What a great letter I wrote to me!! lol...No matter what we are doing in life....this is a great idea....try it!! Some of the goals I had set for myself I have definitely accomplished like beginning my Etsy shop, continuing making connections with my blog, and connecting with other artists who are on the same journey. In fact, I went to my very first ever Art League meeting today. I'm so excited about getting involved and learning what other artists in my town are doing!! There are a few things I still want to see attending an art retreat. I think I will continue this assignment and write another letter to myself to be opened in about 6 months setting more goals and of course giving myself great words of affirmation!

The sun is peeking through with a fresh start and new ideas.....soak it up!