Thursday, October 14, 2010


I'm in the process of unbogging myself. I'm giving myself a pep talk. The last several days I have sat in the studio saying 'Come creative!' The work I produced a word.....gross!....totally unacceptable....embarrassing. When that happens it really messes with my confidence! So today, I stood back and approached it as play again. Have fun....just play with something I like. This cute little lady with her short skirt and leopard boa appeared and said without hesitation...fear more....keep it up....don't take yourself so seriously....have have great opportunities before you. It's a mind game! I wonder if other artists feel the same way. After all, hours are spent alone in the studio....just me and the brush. It's time for me to get out for an inspiration walk, lunch with new friends, give my mind a break instead of trying to force a product. Feeling better....I guess it helps to get it all out on'paper', look at what's going on, then MOVE ON! Actually, the perfect medicine for this inspiration block is coming up this weekend.......a visit to my daughter, son-in-law, and grandbaby!!


  1. Grandkids are great for inspiration. And you've already answered all your own questions...or your boa lady has.

  2. Every time I start something new, I have a block! You do beautiful work and will contiue to do so! Enjoy the time with your loved ones! Then, back to creating!!! :-)


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