Monday, October 4, 2010

From Me to Me

I almost forgot! During my "Flying Lessons" class, one of our assignments was to write a letter to ourselves to be opened several months later. I wrote my letter on the last day of May to be opened October 1, 2010. We were to write positive goals and benchmarks we wanted to achieve and give ourselves an overall great pep talk.
When I open my letter today I felt so good! What a great letter I wrote to me!! lol...No matter what we are doing in life....this is a great idea....try it!! Some of the goals I had set for myself I have definitely accomplished like beginning my Etsy shop, continuing making connections with my blog, and connecting with other artists who are on the same journey. In fact, I went to my very first ever Art League meeting today. I'm so excited about getting involved and learning what other artists in my town are doing!! There are a few things I still want to see attending an art retreat. I think I will continue this assignment and write another letter to myself to be opened in about 6 months setting more goals and of course giving myself great words of affirmation!

The sun is peeking through with a fresh start and new ideas.....soak it up!


  1. During the Flying Lessons I wrote a letter to myself, too! But my opening date is November 29 ... I am looking forward to read it, because I do not remember what I wrote! I am very glad you found confirmation of what you wrote, and that your goals have been achieved ... you made a really long way, my friend! A hug!

  2. Great idea! I think I will try it. I love your work! I'm Terry's daughter, Anna. I wanted to tell you to check out the Blissdom Conference info. I'm intending to go, and I thought you might be interested too. It's late Jan. in Nashville. I have heard wonderful things about the last one.
    Are you on Twitter? If not, I suggest you get an acct. It's a great way to grow your blog with readers and followers for your blog/art. And I have found it to be a friendly, encouraging community of fellow bloggers in a variety of niches. Just wanted to drop a line and connect!
    Anna from Motherly Law

  3. Hi Barbara,
    Congrats on all of your exciting accomplishments! And thanks for reminding me about the "note to self". I totally forgot to do it...but it's not too late, right?
    I just finished Holly Becker's Blogging Your Way course. If you get the time it's well worth it! She is so successful and so nice and has so much to share about blogging. The really cool thing about taking an ecourse is the wonderful people you meet, like you.

  4. you know, i don't ever wrote myself that later. i am such a bad...friend. ;)
    well, i'm so glad you did it. i might just do one now, and open it in a few months!!


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