Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Paintings on the wall

The paintings are dry from yesterday's post and on the wall in my living room! I took pictures from every angle......a little much but, oh well.

I think you can see the rug in front of the couch here from World Market. It's jute with flowers much like those in the paintings.

Taken from the back door.

Again, taken from the back door looking into the dining room. Thanks for humoring me and allowing me the pleasure of sharing my decorating fancies.


  1. those turned out AWESOME and look so great in your home!

  2. Wow! Your paintings are amazing! I want to make some like this now. Great inspiration!

  3. They are wonderful, Barbara! I would like to have them in my home, too! And thank you for the step by step, it is so instructive!

  4. These are so beautiful! I love the pattern paper base. I hope you don't mind if I tack this post to my "inspiration wall"
    ( aka ... favorites ) My sewing room needs Art like this !


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