Friday, September 17, 2010

Decorating and Discovering

My mom and I found the cutest place for lunch. Martha's Bloomers in Navasota, Tx. The setting was beautiful with fountains, flowers, and plants. Very serene and calm.
A great place to be inspired. The reflections, colors, subject matter.......makes me want to get in the studio right now! Very Monet-ish.

This is the garden beautiful and delicious! The manager, Bonnie, was very gracious and made us feel as if we were old friends.

Everywhere you look there were interesting textures and structures.....

There were many rooms on sight to shop and browse. One, in particular, was special because......

Kelly Rae Roberts' artwork was on display!!
What a grand surprise to see her creative work! Talk about inspiration!! Wow!

Here are a few pictures of what we have been working on this week. My dining room......isn't it delicious!!! The center piece (also known as the rain forest) came from Z Gallerie.
I just love the contrast between the clean lines of all the furniture and the wild and crazy center piece! The chairs came from Pier 1 and have been on my wish list for quite some time. While I was away helping my daughter with my beautiful grandbaby, my husband bought them and had them waiting for me when I got home. I know, awwwwww.......

The living room is complete except for two above each of the white chairs. The 24"x48" canvases are patiently waiting for me in the studio. Pressure!!!
The week has gone by sooo fast! We have marked off almost the whole long list in 3 full days of shopping, returning, getting lost, getting distracted, and enjoying every minute of it.

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