Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Today's work....

"Paris in the Spring" 18x18

Some days it is hard to figure out what to paint or how to paint it! Today I am supposed to be working on 2 canvases 24x48 to go on either side of the tv in my living room. The backgrounds are finished and I like it so now I am frozen as to what to paint on them for fear of messing it up. Here it comes.....creaping up from my toes.....the fear of not being good enough. Down, boy....Down!! I'm really enjoying "Paris in the Spring" though.....soon available in my shop....original and prints.

Before I added flowers....

Maybe if I paint it, it will happen!!!


  1. Hi Barbara,
    Love this painting you did.
    the course I wanted to tell you about is
    Monica Zuniga she is in Mexico and her classes are what got me off the ground. I first drew my very first face in my life last JUNE 2009. So she is an amazing teacher and loving as can be. Her classes are worth the price. If you tell her Darlene Sent you she may give you a discount.. to my understanding, SHE WILL!
    Let me know if join the NING site.. I am a member. It is free to become and member and look around at others artwork. Then you can sign up for other classes she is offering.
    Good luck..Blessings, Darlene

  2. I LOVE your painting - it is gorgeous! Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog too!


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