Friday, September 3, 2010

Art of distraction

"Words of Wisdom" 12x12

It feels good to be back in the studio playing around today. Such a good distraction to help me over grandbaby withdrawals. Thank goodness for Skype later today! Technology amazes me. I wonder what will be the latest gadget when baby Shane is grown....

I love word pictures and analogies. This painting has a lot to say. 'Words of Wisdom' says 'dream big', 'you will not fear the arrow that flies by day', 'do more than cross your fingers'. As we are 'flying' through our lives and wanting live our dreams....we need to take action to make those dreams a reality because they won't just show up one day. It takes hard work to get to where we want to go. In fact, it may be harmful to us if we are given something before we are ready for it without working hard. We are like baby chicks hatching from their shell, they are building their strength through the hatching process which will help them survive later stages of development. There will also be times of frustration and failure......voila....the 'free space'! Give yourself a break. Take a breather....a change of scenery....a chance to rest...walk away.....start fresh...ask for help.

That's what I had to do trying to get my online shop ready....give myself a 'free space'. It seems so simple but the banner....the sign to my shop, is giving me sooo much trouble. I like technology but I am definitely not gifted in that area so I have to ask for help...ugh. While I'm waiting, I will paint!


  1. I love the texture, the meaning, the composition! Very well done, big sis! And nicely put...your words of wisdom are good for us all!

  2. Love the artwork--especially the colors and meaning behind the words. And your grandson is precious--so perfect in every way! Congrats! he's lucky to have such an artsy and creative grandma!


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