Monday, September 27, 2010

Step by Step

These are two pictures I took while out shopping one day. They have been clipped to my inspiration bar waiting for just the right moment. I wish I could remember where I was or what artist created, so sorry! They inspired me to use the beautiful arrangements for the paintings in my living room. Although I enlarged and changed the background and the colors to match our decor, the arrangement is so similar that I cannot sell these or make prints of them. I have had several people ask me the process for my paintings so I took pictures along the way for you to see step-by-step.
The project began by covering two 24x48 canvases with vintage pattern paper. Just like decoupage.
The finished collage has vintage pattern paper on the top two thirds and pattern instructions on the bottom third to make it appear more dense.
After dry, the entire canvas is covered with burnt umber just enough to hit the high points.
Greens and blues are added in the same way.
Using watered down acrylics, the outline of the design is drawn in with a one inch brush.
Colors are blocked in.
I used this one inch brush for the entire painting.
Add darks and lights with complementary colors and analogous colors.
Add the purple flower.
After acrylic is dry, add more lights and darks with oil pastels. This makes the colors blend together nicely.
Oil pastels have been added here.
One of my favorite elements of the inspiration pictures were the twigs in the foreground. They add a contemporary twist. The twigs were drawn on with chalk after everything was dry. I traced the chalk lines with a thick mixture of black and burnt umber.
These are the finished paintings. They are still wet....the I will have to post pictures of how they look in the living room tomorrow!!

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  1. W O W !!!! I love the pictures and the final product! Great job, and thanks for letting us see your creative process! Anxious to see them hanging! I know this was a big job, making art for the artist is sometimes the most daunting!


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