Sunday, August 22, 2010

Time Out....the Grammy kind

Grammy and Grandpa are here to welcome sweet little grandbaby John Shane who finally arrived on Thursday. It was a very dramatic way to enter this world and he definitely got everyone's attention. His mommy will take some time to recover but will be fine. Mommy, Daddy, and baby are home now and his Grammy...(ME!!) is staying to help them along just as long as they need it! Little Shane is absolutely the sweetest. I always hear grandmothers talk like that but it is so true!!!
He is already a Daddy's boy sporting his favorite team for the ride home.

Safe and sound in the car. It's so hard to believe and comprehend how fearfully and wonderfully we are all made. This precious baby brings thoughts of gratefulness and blessings to the forefront of my mind. He has his life ahead of him and all of us around him are responsible for molding and shaping him. His mommy and daddy will raise a good man.

Monday, August 16, 2010

All baby

Bre is 3 days away or less!!! Little baby Shane could arrive any minute and if not, he will be on his way Thursday morning for sure! It is so great to be here with Bre and Trent. They are such a sweet couple and it is a pleasure to be around them. They will make such good parents!

The baby's room is fixed so sweet with light blue walls and white curtains like clouds. The cup on these shelves was painted by my mother. Baby Shane's great grandmother. Both of my grandmothers china painted and now my mother is carrying on the tradition. It is quite an art that takes much patience and a steady hand. She did such a great job on this sweet little cup. It will be quite a treasure.

The front, a little wagon. The back, a cute little teddy bear.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Organized chaos

It's assemblage day today. When walking back into the studio I had to laugh because every surface and the floor is covered with "professional" prints being assembled. It made me wonder what "behind the scene" story might be told about some of the beautiful prints I have purchased from other artists. I imagine their studios running with beautifully organized tables and workers with white gloves assembling their artwork.
I do my best work sitting on the floor surrounded by all my supplies! Back to work.......

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Happy surprises!

I am crawling from behind unpacking boxes so happy to find these beautiful 1920's Valentines! Our things have been in storage for 18 months so I have opened up many surprises. Some are welcome and some I am wondering why I took up valuable storage space.....(shhh...don't tell my hubby). Anyway, these Valentines are soooo special. They belong to both of my grandmothers. Several years ago, I borrowed the originals and had photo copies made of them for a project I was working on for Christmas. These are the copies. The actual copies I used for the project were printed as mirror images on transfer paper and ironed onto a table cloth and napkins. This was a gift for my mother and grandmother. These copies are not mirror images and I am excited to have them. Somehow they will find their way into another project.
See the date.....1926.

The date here....1923.

Such precious cards....each one a piece of artwork on it's own!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Getting Organized

The great thing about moving is that everything starts fresh! Cabinets and closets are cleaned out and when things get put back together again it's so nice and organized. I keep walking over to my spice cabinet to open it up and just look at it because it is so nice! I haven't cooked with it yet....:)......but I love looking at it!
We are using one of the rooms for an office/studio. I love my studio!! The closet space is great...lots of shelves and storage.

This is my inspiration bar for all those slips of paper and clippings I used to have piled up in a corner on my desk.

When I discovered that using a shoe organizer would work for paint it changed my life! No longer am I rummaging through the box looking for that tube of paint I need. On the other side of the door is another shoe organizer used for all our office supplies....envelopes, pens, tape, etc. It must be the teacher coming out in me but I love finding a place for everything. It makes me feel good to settle in and know where things are. It won't always stay that way but it's great to start out with a plan!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Strong attachment

This sweet little bunny was on our front porch this morning at our new house. We saw the mama around a few days ago. I think they are living in the front flower bed....awwww.
We are moved in and got internet service this morning....thank good.....ness! Oh, how I love the internet!!! YAY! It's back! One week is amazingly long to do without. I feel so disconnected! It's embarassing how attached I have become. No longer is technology a has become such a necessity. Oh, I know, we can definitely do without and millions in the world do but, dare I say,.......I am addicted! I enjoy having a question and getting a quick answer. I enjoy connecting with others through cyberspace. Am I alone?? Please tell me 'No'! I think I really enjoy this blog. I never imagined how it could become a part of my daily thoughts and activities. I love talking to my blog friends and checking on their latest. Somehow it has given me confidence to move forward with my goals. I can see how it is holding me accountable. I treasure each comment through email or here in the comment section. This group of bloggers and family and friends have been so supportive! I will post pics of our new house soon and the new studio...which I love!