Monday, August 16, 2010

All baby

Bre is 3 days away or less!!! Little baby Shane could arrive any minute and if not, he will be on his way Thursday morning for sure! It is so great to be here with Bre and Trent. They are such a sweet couple and it is a pleasure to be around them. They will make such good parents!

The baby's room is fixed so sweet with light blue walls and white curtains like clouds. The cup on these shelves was painted by my mother. Baby Shane's great grandmother. Both of my grandmothers china painted and now my mother is carrying on the tradition. It is quite an art that takes much patience and a steady hand. She did such a great job on this sweet little cup. It will be quite a treasure.

The front, a little wagon. The back, a cute little teddy bear.

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  1. Many, many wishes to you, to your daughter and to the sweet little Shane! Enjoy these wonderful moments, they are so special! Your daughter is very lucky to have a mother like you! Love and kisses!


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