Friday, August 13, 2010

Organized chaos

It's assemblage day today. When walking back into the studio I had to laugh because every surface and the floor is covered with "professional" prints being assembled. It made me wonder what "behind the scene" story might be told about some of the beautiful prints I have purchased from other artists. I imagine their studios running with beautifully organized tables and workers with white gloves assembling their artwork.
I do my best work sitting on the floor surrounded by all my supplies! Back to work.......


  1. I love it! Answer me this, Big Sis...why are my prints on the floor!! lol You know I am kidding -- can't wait to see your prints in person. Love you, Me

  2. yes, i would be scared my print would get wrinkled or stepped on. i don't even want to know about it laying on the floor!! ;)

  3. Love this. It means you are creating!! I have your paintings up on the wall now. I will post them on my blog this week. I am opening up this weekend. Hope to be sending you checks soon!!


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