Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Happy surprises!

I am crawling from behind unpacking boxes so happy to find these beautiful 1920's Valentines! Our things have been in storage for 18 months so I have opened up many surprises. Some are welcome and some I am wondering why I took up valuable storage space.....(shhh...don't tell my hubby). Anyway, these Valentines are soooo special. They belong to both of my grandmothers. Several years ago, I borrowed the originals and had photo copies made of them for a project I was working on for Christmas. These are the copies. The actual copies I used for the project were printed as mirror images on transfer paper and ironed onto a table cloth and napkins. This was a gift for my mother and grandmother. These copies are not mirror images and I am excited to have them. Somehow they will find their way into another project.
See the date.....1926.

The date here....1923.

Such precious cards....each one a piece of artwork on it's own!

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