Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Strong attachment

This sweet little bunny was on our front porch this morning at our new house. We saw the mama around a few days ago. I think they are living in the front flower bed....awwww.
We are moved in and got internet service this morning....thank good.....ness! Oh, how I love the internet!!! YAY! It's back! One week is amazingly long to do without. I feel so disconnected! It's embarassing how attached I have become. No longer is technology a has become such a necessity. Oh, I know, we can definitely do without and millions in the world do but, dare I say,.......I am addicted! I enjoy having a question and getting a quick answer. I enjoy connecting with others through cyberspace. Am I alone?? Please tell me 'No'! I think I really enjoy this blog. I never imagined how it could become a part of my daily thoughts and activities. I love talking to my blog friends and checking on their latest. Somehow it has given me confidence to move forward with my goals. I can see how it is holding me accountable. I treasure each comment through email or here in the comment section. This group of bloggers and family and friends have been so supportive! I will post pics of our new house soon and the new studio...which I love!


  1. NO! Stay! haha We missed your blogs, Big Sis. Loved spending time with you and can't wait to see what this new adventure in your life brings. Success, fulfillment, new connections... the possibilities are endless! Love you, Me

  2. How adorable!! See...once you start blogging it opens up a whole new world. There is this accountability but also I think it helps having the connection to likeminded people that helps too.


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