Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Guess what I'm thinking of.....

"Thoughts of Venice" 18x18
I started with a canvas covered in vintage pages from an old algebra book yesterday. The background looked very 'old world' and, when deciding what to paint on it today, I went straight to our pictures of Venice. We had such a wonderful time last summer on our vacation in Italy. When I start looking at all those pictures it takes me right back to the sights and smells, the art, the flowers, the people.....the bird that dive bombed Rick trying to steal his sandwich! The painting reminds me of an antique picture long forgotten that has worn and wrinkled.....with many stories behind it.

Thank you for visiting my new online shop on Etsy. Many of you have asked, "What is Etsy?" Etsy is a global online marketplace for selling and buying handmade goods. They provide the actual technology to have a storefront and they provide the market. It is a user-friendly and safe place to do business for both buyer and seller.

Notice the buttons on the right side of my blog. You can go directly to my shop by clicking any one of the paintings! Happy prints are up. One original is listed with more to come! I have to tell you....I'm very excited.....I have already had a sale!!! That is fabulous!! Thank you!! Pass the word....pass the link to this blog.....YOU are the best!!

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  1. yay! already a sale on etsy! that's great, and not surprising at all- continued good luck with it!


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