Monday, October 25, 2010

She planted a seed

As a little girl, I grew up enjoying my grandmother's beautiful hand painted china that she created. She was a wonderful artist....china painter, oil painter, seamstress, and more. Today, I look at it with a different eye....studying
the detail, knowing the patience it must of taken to achieve the results. She took many classes and workshops to perfect her art.

It would have been amazing to watch her paint! She left an impression on me by just doing what she enjoyed and entrusting me with some of her art. She left a legacy in so many ways but has truly inspired me in an artistic way....unknowingly planting a seed.

My grandmother loved sparkly things. This chandelier hung at her vanity table. I remember sitting at her table admiring all the beautiful bottles of perfume and special containers of makeup. The chandelier made me feel like a princess as it twinkled its prisms across the mirror.

This special, beautiful chandelier has been in a dusty ol' box in my attic for several years until yesterday. Several months ago, I read a blog post by Kerri Arista. I am so glad Kerri thought to share this on her blog!!! Kerri is a very talented musician/songwriter who has blogfriended me. Her blog is so uplifting and inspirational. Be sure to check it out here. A friend gave her a chandelier to make her closet feel special and it made me think of my grandmother's chandelier covered in dust, in a box, patiently waiting to shine it's beautiful prisms again. I immediately knew it had a new home....although very unconventional. After sending it home with my dad, who can fix anything, he brought it back to me with new wires and hung it IN MY CLOSET!!! It is so SPECIAL....a secret place that when I open my closet every morning so many memories rush through my thoughts. Who knew a light could illuminate more than darkness!!


  1. Just had to comment on this post Barbara.... I believe so strongly that those 'seeds' that get planted when we are little are things we love to have around us in our own homes as we grow up.

    Just little drops of the things we loved in our childhood scattered throughout our 'grown up' homes can make us feel so much more connected and joyful.

    They're such a strong link to pleasant memories and thoughts of home, and it really gives us an emotional rush of 'belonging' or 'happiness' when we include things from our childhood that spark such wonderful and special memories.

    Your closet sounds absolutely wonderful... there's nothing like a special secret to make you feel completely indulgent and spoiled. Brings a smile to your face every time I bet!

    Linda. x

  2. I have really enjoyed reading about your grandmother and seeing her truly beautiful work. It is so interesting how this gift of seeing, appreciating, and producing beauty in all kinds of forms of art has been passed down through the generations.
    Terry S.


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