Friday, October 15, 2010

out there and vulnerable

I just entered 3 originals in the Brazos Valley Art League Judged Show. I probably never would have done it had I ever attended a show like this because I would have been too intimidated. So I guess ignorance is a good thing sometimes. The pieces that were coming in were soooo amazing. Oh my gosh. My artwork can provide the comic relief.....! I confident. Who knew that paint on a piece of canvas would make a person feel so vulnerable. Then again, why place so much emphasis on what anybody else struggle....because I really like what I painted!
It's just a painting hanging on a wall for people to like or not. Art is subjective anyway. Do I like it? Yes! Okay, then!

The show will be up for the rest of October. This is a great chance for me to meet other artists in the area just like I was hoping would happen. In fact, I am having lunch with a new artist friend next week and going to explore shops with a different new artist friend! It's really fun meeting new people and discovering what inspires them.
I'm up against the walls of my comfortable boundaries pushing them wider and wider. It's easy to stay in the middle of the circle. It takes a conscious effort and determination to lean against the edge of the circle and push it out to make a bigger one.


  1. Good for you!!! I am impressed with your courage and initiative and, of course, your work! You know we bought our originals at an event like that and as I recall, some were judged highly and some were not, but we liked them and bought them and still like them.

  2. I admire you for your braveness, and I am proud of you! Your paintings are so beautiful, I am sure you will have a great success, besides a wonderful experience with other artists! But our real success is pushing our boundaries, and believing in our art! Brava! Ciao, Cristina

  3. yes!!! i am so glad you entered. i bet your work is different from the others (of course!) but just as good- do NOT compare yourself. but i know, it is so hard not to. anyway, proud of you for taking that step!!!


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