Friday, April 8, 2011

A Generous Spirit

Nicholas Simmons.....the Gold award winning, DaVinci and Princeton sponsored, published in many books and magazines Nicholas Simmons.....the amazingly talented Nicholas Simmons.....the down to earth and generous Nicholas Simmons is here in our little town teaching us his techniques. Look at his fabulous work here.

It has been such an eye opening few days. I feel a whole new sense of inspiration with which I can't wait to experiment! Nicholas Simmons has been a great teacher and it has been such an honor to take a workshop from him!!

The picture above is from the demonstration he did with us today.


  1. That is too kind, Barbara, much too kind. You're talented in the exaggeration dept, but even more talented with the paint brush! :)
    I'm looking at your terrific work, so creative and individual, no wonder you came up with such a cool piece today. I wonder what will happen tomorrow???! Stay tuned....

  2. As I already told you, you are a very lucky girl! And a very talented girl, too! A big hug from Italy!


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