Saturday, April 30, 2011

Day of artsy fun

This was a day of super spontaneous fun with a great new friend that loves art just as much as I do!! It was so much fun to spend the day in Houston with 'C'!! We started at the Musuem of Fine Arts inspecting the impressionist exhibit so closely that we had to be "reminded" to stand back 12 inches!! Seeing the originals up close is amazing.
Our next stop was meant to be Texas Art Supply....a favorite that we eventually got to but could not pass up Adkins Antiques. They have so many great architectural pieces, doors, columns, knobs, and on and on in a fantastic old house.
And....swinging into High Fashion Home was definitely not a mistake. This place is THE place!

To end a wonderful day without going to The Chocolate Bar first would've have been a sin so.....we found ourselves smack dab in the middle of choc.....o.......late! Thanks, C, for a fabulously fun filled day!

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