Monday, August 29, 2011

Convictions with foundations

Lately, I have been asked:

Why do I paint the way I do?

It has made me think about what lies at the foundation of my reasons. Do I have a reason I tend to use collage? What draws me to text? Do I have an opinion or conviction for my method? Thinking on answer is "YES!" I have reasons! Realizing this gives me great relief...... (smile, giggle). Things along the way have influenced me subconsciously and appeared on canvas years later.

I have always enjoyed writing, not just the actual handwriting of a person, but text, letters, symbols, fonts. I grew up doodling names in block letters of different shapes and sizes. In painting, I love being able to get close and study the texture and have the secret of a letter or word hidden just under the surface peeking out. I find textures and patterns interesting background. Interesting text and textures cause me to take a closer look to see what secrets lie in plain sight. Mixed media continues to hold my interest simply for the fact that anything can find it’s way onto the canvas. I wish I could remember the artwork I saw as a little girl that used the mixed media technique but I do remember finding small words written in typeface in the background. It was so unusual to me that it made an impression on me that lingers and effects my work now.

Simply put....."Why do I paint the way I do?" because it makes me HAPPY!!

Happy, Happy, Smile, Smile......grin. It's F...U...N...!


  1. Dearest sweet barbara, your paintings are really beautiful and love the texture you created for each of your painting. Thanks so sharing your story and feeding us with details of why you paint the way you do! So inspiring! Have a lovely merry happy mid-week and love to you!

  2. You are right, it is so important to understand what stands below our way of painting and making art: it makes us conscious of ourselves, of our likes and dislikes, of our unicity. And this is a great joy! Your painting style is unique, Barbara, and also this wonderful painting shows this! A big hug from your friend!


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