Thursday, March 10, 2011

And this is why......

"Floral" 10x10

I love technology! I have a story to share. One of my originals sold using almost every piece of technology and social networking in which I am involved! This is how it happened:

"Floral" was a painting I did for an assignment in Mati and Lisa's class "Get Your Paint On". Part of our assignment was to post our paintings on Flickr and comment on other class members' paintings. Someone from the

Online class, Suzy (from Ontario, Canada) saw my painting on
Flickr, referred to my
Website I had typed underneath the description, and got my
Email address. She then emailed me which I received on my
iPhone because we were on the road. We corresponded back and forth where I noticed her
Blackberry was being used for part of the conversation. Upon returning home, I went to the
Mac to list the original on
Etsy so Suzy could purchase it through
PayPal. I then boxed the painting and mailed it through the
US Postal Service to her brother-in-law in the States who will be traveling by
Car or Airplane to deliver the painting to Suzy.

And THIS is why....I LOVE TECHNOLOGY!!!!!


  1. this is beautiful. i think it is my favorite of yours so far. how was the class? i am thinking about taking it if they offer it again. i closed my comments on the blog, but if you don't mind responding you can send me a fb message.

  2. Barbara, Congrats!
    I am sooooooooo happy for you!
    Wow.. quite a story.. :-)
    It is beautiful work of art..
    Hugs, Darlene

  3. congratulations! LOVE technology! happy thursday! ciao!

  4. haha! very cool, and beautiful painting!

  5. What an exciting story :) Congratulations on your sale.

  6. Love your story! It is the age of technology for sure. Seems like I'm always playing catch up.

  7. ha! yes, i agree that modern tech. is great! i'm hoping to one day only play at home. no more outside gigs! :)


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