Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Getting ready.....2 more days

Two more days until my very first show. First Friday in downtown Bryan will have an expanded version of their usually wonderful display of art and music this month called Art Step. I went to look at the space where I will display my originals, prints, and cards ....and........guess what!.....It's in a loft!!!!! YES!! For REAL! The newly completed Perry Lofts will house the artwork of the art league and I get to be there! How cool is that!!

I have been working on some new things, in addition to the mixed media work that has been ongoing. These two paintings are examples of my newest venture. These are both painted with alcohol ink and are completely different than anything I have seen before. The beautiful colors and luster is impossible to capture on camera but the inks are so vibrant and rich. It is actually ink and does not react to water, only alcohol. I've talked about these before here and here. The show Friday night will be their debut. After the show, I will begin listing the alcohol ink 8x10 sizes and cards in my online shop. I tried to make prints of these but the luster of the ink gets lost on the scanner so these will only be available as one of a kind.....the only one like it in the whole wide world.......originals for a wonderful price.

My awesomely talented sister, Mary (you can see her fabulous work here on her website and here in her online shop) is coming to help on Friday night for the show. She knows the ins and outs and besides we have fun together!

Ok....break is over....back to work. I even have my sweet Valentine helping me. He is wiring canvases right now. I will report all the details after the show with pictures! Wish me luck!


  1. I'm excited too! Can't wait to see the new alcohol inks!

  2. So excited for you! Don't work too hard. Have FUN, take it all in, enjoy the moment and celebrate this honor. You are so deserving-congratulations! Love you!

  3. My mom and I bought prints from your show tonight, and cannot stop raving about them! You are beyond talented and I LOVED all of your work. I can't wait until I am not a poor college student anymore and can afford an original!


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