Monday, February 21, 2011

What is a Giclee print???

Giclee is such a fun and fancy word to say. It is a French word, pronounced zhee-klay. Say it! You are now speaking French! Fantastique!! kiss. kiss.

The picture above is of all the wonderful archival inks that are used to produce a giclee. They are not ordinary inks. They are special, light-fast, inks which will remain true to the original painting. The result is as close to the original painting that you can possibly achieve.

The original painting is scanned on a high resolution scanner creating an image with all the tonalities and hues of the original. It can then be printed on a printer with the pretty ink and voilĂ !

As an artist, making prints of my artwork is rewarding because all the effort I put into an original is not gone forever with one sale. As a buyer, it's a great way to own pieces of really great art at an affordable price. Win. Win!

This week I am busy scanning and printing giclee prints of some new originals. They will soon be up in the online shop. Please stop by and take a look. Think about owning some affordable art.

I have a new excitement this week as 3 originals have sold and are on their way to new homes!! Prints are always great but to sell an original is very special!!

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