Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The MAC + the painting + the snow

So much of the country has been pounded by the worst winter. Here we are in South Texas....frrrreeeeezzzzzing (for us) and the town closed down with 3/4 in. of snow!! This is looking out my front door. Many kids have never seen snow here before! My daughter's text said they are expecting 9 more inches tonight. When the sun finally does show it's warmness again people will be out everywhere soaking in all in! Cabin fever!!

All this news is from last week though (except for the 9 new inches coming at Bre's tonight) because my computer got sick....a nasty virus. It was on it's last leg anyway so we opted for a new computer. Such a hard decision, being PC people, but we made the switch and got a MAC. Everyone says we made the right choice. So far, so good. A little learning curve but I like it.

In the meantime, I put one of my paintings up on FB just to show and it sold!! That is such an awesome feeling to have someone search me out and ask if they could buy it! YAY! YAY! YAY! Happy Dance!!

My class is going well. Now on week 2. Our assignment this week is to choose an artist that we love and use that to inspire our next painting. I love so many that I am having a hard time deciding. We can choose anything from their colors, style, or technique to use in our piece either figuratively or literally. Challenging. I will post pictures from Week 1 & 2 soon. That learning curve I was talking about is happening right about now.
Stay warm.

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  1. YEA!!!! Just celebrating the selling of your art with you!!!! One day your work will be hanging in lots of homes! Right now, since Christmas, you have work hanging in my house, each of my two sisters houses, my mother-in-law's house, my daughters house, my daughter-in-laws house, and my sister's friend's house!!!
    Terry S


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