Thursday, February 10, 2011

Get Your Paint On paintings

Week 2

Week 1

These are both paintings I did for my class, "Get Your Paint On".
Our assignment for week 1 was to use a geometric quilt block for inspiration. 'Skyline' 18x18 was a result of the inspiration.

The assignment for week 2 was to choose an artist that we love and use the technique, color scheme, or style to use in our painting either figuratively or literally. I chose Guido Frick because I have long admired the freedom in his work. His style is effortless and loose. I would love to learn to be so free and still have it make sense on the canvas! His colors are much softer than I have in my result 'Floral' 12x12. Much to learn!!

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  1. wow! your class in inspiring such great work from you- i love both of those pieces- especially the top one- so colorful and warm!


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