Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I'm fighting with myself but I'm determined to win!! In a few weeks I will be painting 'live' for the Art Center fundraiser. Yes....I was craaazzzy the day I agreed to this! I decided, to make it less stressful for myself and those living with me..(my hubby)...that I would start the painting and get a good bit of it done before the event. On the night of the event, I can work on parts of the painting I will be more sure about. The theme is Venice so I am doing a scene on a 36x48 monstrosity of a canvas in which I am not enjoying! I think it might be the pressure of the fundraiser looming in the back of my mind to produce something. I love Venice and I love the buildings and water but the picture in my mind is not coming out through the brush at the end of my fingers. Today I am listening to Italian Pandora radio and it's going a little better. It helps to walk away and come back to it with a fresh perspective. I am ready to move on to some other ideas though so I want to finish! After the fundraiser, I will post the finished piece. It's starting to take shape. It's fun to see the progress. I will keep taking pictures. In the meantime......back to work!

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