Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"Live" painting Art Council fundraiser pictures

The Arts Council fundraiser was held in the ballroom at the Hilton. Let's just say....It. Was. Nice. The guests were transported directly to Venice, Italy through sights, sounds, smells, and tastes.
Just before entering the grand ballroom, guests could have their picture taken with a beautiful Venetian backdrop.
The waitstaff were dressed as gondoliers. Musicians were also strolling with authentic Italian music.
The backdrop to the stage set the scene for a truly Venetian evening.
Tables filled this enormous room. My setup is to the right of the stage at the far end of the room.
Turquoise sprinkled throughout the room was a great complement to the centerpieces....some of which were goldfish.
The silent auction table. Wonderful prizes to bid on such as a trip to someone's villa in Tuscany!
They made me want to jump into a gondola!
I was very nervous until I got there. When I got started, it was so much fun!! I loved painting in that atmosphere. The conversations I was able to have and the people I was able to meet were priceless. What an opportunity!
The room was absolutely full.
And there he was.....right by my side the whole evening promoting me, taking pictures, passing out my business cards, talking about my art. What a sweetie! Mu...ah!!

In action and loving it. Super experience that I think opened even more doors for the future!

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