Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Soaking it in like a sponge....not!

They say the mind is like a sponge....ready to soak up knowledge and information. Absorbing little bits here and there. Always hungry for more.
I am in the middle of learning so much new information and trying to dream big and play the 'what if' game and making lists of ideas no matter how crazy and looking for ideas that haven't been thought of that.....

I feel my mind is as slick as a rock. My sponge is full. I need time to absorb all these great new thoughts. I know why I do what I do, I know who I want to serve and work with but I haven't yet figured out completely with what or how! Original paintings are in there somewhere but I want to do more with them....somehow incorporating them into a bigger picture. Lots of abstract thinking going on right now and I'm just waiting for the light to come on, the information to make me say 'ah-ha, I've got it'. And when that happens, the rock breaks open....

and reveals treasures waiting to be shared in the world. Treasures that will make a difference and radiate encouragement and inspiration.

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