Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Surrounded by peeps of like mind

When you are surrounded by people who have the same values as you do, it is such a secure feeling. Trusting those around you to know you and like you for who you are speaks volumes. It allows us to be real. Pouring energy into and receiving energy from people who want to do better everyday is rejuvenating. We all have our down days too which is all the more reason to be surrounded by people who you trust to pick you back up, and set you on your way again.
This illustrates who "My Peeps" are in my life and those who will be in the future. I want to be these same things for my peeps as they are for me. It's not always easy but strength in numbers proves true when one is weak, the others are strong and won't leave anyone behind.
I am so blessed to have a family who cares so deeply for one another and believes in each other.
I have a wealth of those around me who are creative thinkers and are ready to take it to the next level.
One of the things I love most about my hubby is that he loves to go and do. That's our hobby....seeking out things to see....creating our own adventures.
I am really trying to be conscious about being these things and more for those around me.
I love you, my peeps!!

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  1. This is beautiful, Barbara. I love the bird painting and to the thoughtful level you brought it.
    I'm here for the first time, but I think not for the last!


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