Monday, January 3, 2011

Hello 2011!! + New Word for the Year

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 2011 is here! I decided I wanted to have a "word" to help me focus for the new year. I guess instead of a New Year's Resolution, I have a New Year's Word.
My word is......SEEK...... (to actively, consciously look for)
I will be seeking in the following ways:
  • His face, His righteousness
  • new experiences
  • opportunities
  • direction
  • different perspectives
  • a teachable spirit
  • an open heart and mind
  • originality
  • awareness
  • whispers
  • to make a difference
  • fears to conquer

It's amazing what a difference the turn of a calendar page Dec 31st to Jan 1st can day but such a significant day. Fresh starts, new beginnings, time to renew. What is YOUR word for the year????


  1. What an awesome word four letters make ... seek, I love it!

  2. Hi Barbara, Hope all is well. Love your word and all the things you are seeking. May you find them all this year.

    I love hearing everyone's words....mine is SIMPLICITY - by getting less and giving more.

  3. Enjoying your new posts, Barbara! I love the "word" idea for the new year. I think mine is SEE. I will tune myself to SEE:

    HIM at work in the world and people's lives
    Great Possibilities for today and tomorrow
    Good in people
    Dreams to Reality

  4. "Seek" is such a great word! Mine for 2011 is DISCIPLINE, in that, "I need to be disciplined to accomplish everything I want to in 2011!" Happy New Year! :-)

  5. that is a GREAT word! seek and you shall find!
    happy new year!


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