Thursday, January 27, 2011


Seriously, I thought something was wrong with me! Turns out I just needed a good dose of Vitamin D. It was sunny today and 70!! I went outside and stayed to soak it all up. I really am ready to go somewhere warm....really warm.....even HOT and stay for awhile. Is it Spring Fever already???

This painting was done last year with a friend of mine, N. We painted together using a napkin for inspiration and had a great time! N, you are such a great encourager to me.....Thanks!! The scene in this painting is exactly where I want to be spending my time very soon.


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  2. Awww thank you Mr. German i had a fun time to....U are a awesome painter, and im glad you taught me how to paint! It is very relaxing and very peaceful! :) Hope you liked the Christmas card i sent you! My new home-school teacher is cool but i think i did more work this year than last, lol! Funny part is she doesn't know Spanish either, lol! :)


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