Thursday, January 20, 2011

Seeing through Red colored glasses

"The Red Glasses" 10x10

Lately, I have been reminiscing about some beautiful lifelong friends. Sisters who know me inside and out and still like me! We have our inside jokes and confidential secrets that will always 'stay at the table'. It's special relationships like this that make us feel so loved. "The Red Glasses" symbolize so much depth of friendship that I will always treasure. We have laughed so hard til our sides split and usually it's about nothing at all but we laugh anyway. I thank God for the gift of friends!! that we are spread all over the world, making new lifelong friends.....I'm thankful for technology that we can still get together for a moment to 'share a cup of virtual tea'.


  1. I love technology for this reason too, it truly does bridge the gap, especially using things like skype to say hello, more than a voice or words on the blank page. Cheers to you and your awesome paining + close hearted friendships!

  2. Love this compostition Barbara!

  3. i am thankful for those old friends that know me so well, aren't u?! :) nothing like it!


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