Saturday, June 5, 2010

Assignment to myself

Assignment to myself: Create an abstract collage from an 'abstract' photo. This collage was inspired by the photo taken on a previous post, 'calm after the storm'. ( By the way.....Thanks Mother and Daddy for allowing us to use the lakehouse!! The broken dock boards are being repaired as this you!) I have no idea how I got the result from the inspiration picture. It just took on a mind of it's own. The words say 'appreciate gifts.......and fix them when they break'. Just as soon as you borrow something of someone else's and you are the one totally responsible, there is an accident, or it breaks, or something happens! That's what happened to us during the storm at the lake....under our watch!


  1. Love your assignment! Your collage is beautiful - and so creative ~

    I especially love the inspiration from the photo - gorgeous!

  2. hahaha its funny cuz i always call my dad (daddy) amd my moma! lol IKR 2 much country rubbing off on me! :P

  3. I like very much both the self-assignment and the collage! Great idea!


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