Monday, June 14, 2010

Hot Wire, Break In, & Thinking Outside the Box

Is it the tropics? This is my husband, Rick and me. No, we aren't in the tropics. Beautiful sunsets are breathtaking in the Texas Panhandle. Our vacation at the ranch is always full of adventure. The four wheelers and Polaris RZR are the main forms of entertainment taking us to "must go" places like the Signature Wall and The Grove. So.....

when the keys to the Polaris were left in a town three hours away, it was a scramble to figure out how to solve the dilemma. While the keys were being overnighted, my son, Cory, surprised us all with his new found knowledge (thanks to the never ceasing wonders of the IPhone) of hot wiring the Polaris! I never realized the versatility of two paper clips. That's thinking outside the box!

Signature Wall --look closely for the names carved into the dirt.

After a great afternoon of exploring, riding, and evening of fishing, we were all pretty well covered with that good ol' country smell. You wouldn't think that showering is a big deal but it is when staying in a ranch house that is 99 years old. The ranch house is a treasure to our family and has been kept up and treated as such but one little bathroom, 9 people, and temperamental pipes sometimes make an interesting combination. The pipes decided to back up so the Ranch House closed its bathroom. What to do??? What else but break in to the house down the road! We already had permission to use the key and definitely would have taken that route but the key was not in the "hiding place". We looked with a flashlight in all the obvious and not so obvious places but it was soooo dark. When it gets dark in the country it's a "can't-see-your-hand-in-front-of-your-face" kind of dark but if you look up, you will be filled with wonder and awe at the beauty of the stars in the sky. Nothing you can capture with a camera......His unfathomable artwork!

We knew things could get pretty desperate so once again, Cory (our own MacGuyver), with his 'out of the box' mentality, went to the house armed with a bobby pin and broke in. Okay......I'm getting a little concerned. Nonetheless, super happy to have a bathroom and a shower!

I'm coming back from vacation inspired and ready to stretch my boundaries and think outside the box.

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  1. Hello Barbara
    I enjoyed reading your blog - it is great to hear you are listening to your creative whispers. I too am trying to listen to my creative whispers - and fairly new at it (and well into my 40's - almost out of them actually). I am taking Kelly Rae's flying course, and learning, and listening, and trying to venture on. Good luck with your ventures, I will be checking back.


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