Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Be Bold!

" Bold Blossom" (20 x 20) represents a blossom opening up to a whole new world of opportunities.....fearlessness, assurance, boldness!
I just started my e-course. Amazing already! What I've already learned:
  • Step 1 - Overcoming my fear of going to Step 2

  • Step 2 - Learn HOW to do my creative business

If I don't overcome Step 1 it won't matter if I know Step 2 or not!!

My vow - do not let fear get the best of me! Don't wait until the "time is right"....I'll be waiting forever.

The opposite of fear is Courage, Boldness, Confidence. I am choosing to realize that fear is there but so what....I choose to function in spite of it...BE BOLD!!!


  1. THis is my favorite Painting so far....out of all of them!!!

  2. Really? I am happy with this one too. Thanks!

  3. Barbara- I love your art! Your colors are so rich! Your blog is very nicely set up! I really like the green!


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