Wednesday, June 16, 2010

holding my hand

In Kelly Rae Robert's ecourse she has emphasized how important a blog is to build a community of fellow artists and friends to support you on this journey. I understood what she said but I didn't really think I would experience it so soon! Almost from the beginning complete but supportive strangers were leaving comments on my blog or sending me emails. Artists from all over the world are taking this class. One person I am particularly encouraged by is Cristina. She made a comment but also took the time to email me totally relating to where I am right now. She is close to my age and is just starting to take steps toward a creative business as well. We have emailed back and forth several times and it seems like she is already a good friend. What's even more spectacular about this technology is she lives in Verona, Italy!! So we have agreed to hold 'virtual' hands along this journey, hold each other accountable, and encourage one another with 'You can do it' messages. What a great way to connect to people who, otherwise, would have never crossed your path. Thanks, Cristina, for reaching out and holding my hand.


  1. Oh, Barbara, you have made me cry of joy and tenderness! I have no words to say what I feel... nobody has ever made such a kind thing for me! These meetings of minds and hearts are rare, and we have to be grateful for this occasion. Thank you, Barbara, my dear friend!

  2. I am very grateful! Isn't this so much fun to have become friends this way?! Someday we will meet face to face.


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