Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Digging Deep

During the course of Hello Soul Hello Business, we will hear various conversations with leading entrepreneurs. They will provide us valuable insight and advice, as well as cause us to think about our own business in a new way. Today to prepare for that, we are asked 10 questions.....revealing questions. The questions are designed to 'dig deep' and get to know ourselves as a business owner. This is the soul part of the class. We are uncovering layers all the way to the heart. No hiding here. Exposure is absolutely necessary to continue.

I still haven't completed all 10 questions but question #1 sets the stage. I am so glad to know that we have two teachers who aren't afraid of getting to the heart of things and encouraging those taking their course to do so as well.

My answer to question #1:

1. What do you believe in?

First and foremost, Jesus. I can't separate that belief from myself and my business. That is who I am. That is Who has given me talent. That is Who gives me strength. That is Who I want guiding my life. I believe in using my talents in a way to make people feel better. I believe in encouraging and lifting each other up. I believe that we all play an important role and that our choices directly effect someone else whether we realize it or not.

Kind of unexpected for a business course, right?! We are encouraged to share our answers with our classmates who happen to spread out over 18 countries in the world. I'm really interested in what the others are brave enough to share.


  1. Hi Barbara, I came over from HSHB to check out your art, after reading about your art show experience with another artist (From Mon. lesson). FYI, I love your art and you have lots of talent! YOU GO GIRL!


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