Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hello Soul, Hello Business!!

It's here! A business class I have been waiting for....combining creativity with practical business. Hello Soul, Hello Business by Kelly Rae Roberts and Beth Nicholls is a 9 week course that I can't wait to dive into with both feet. As we begin, we are looking at our creative business as a living, breathing thing. We are digging deep to uncover the WHY it is what we are doing so that will sustain us through the times of low inspiration and frustrating times a business goes through. If we don't discover the true meaning of "WHY" then the so called passion will fade and the business will die.
I am remembering my initial mission statement:
  • To evoke a feeling
  • Trigger a memory
  • Start a conversation
  • Create a meaning behind each original piece of art
I want to 'pay it forward' and allow my work to be an encouraging avenue to create a positive feeling in someone else. It's the butterfly effect - everyone makes a difference to someone. I think this 'WHY' ties in to my love of teaching and why I went into education. I want to help others in a positive way, to make an impact in their lives. It's relational. It's lasting. It matters.


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