Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Who do I want in my Who-Ville?

HSHB is encouraging us to choose those around us carefully. Who do we want working with us.....from our customers, to co-workers, to our team such as accountant, lawyer, supplier, marketer, etc.
It is of vital importance that we choose those people who have the same values. Would I want to sit down and have a meal with them....do I like them? Protecting who I am surrounded by will play a major role in the success of a business. This is just as important in our personal lives. It is so much more uplifting to be surrounded by positive, uplifting people who want to enjoy life than......
grinchy, negative people who steal the energy out of the room the moment they enter!
So who will make my light shine the brightest??? I want to be careful to be the kind of person for them that I want them to be for me. Knowing the type of people I am looking for ahead of time will help when the time comes and my business is ready for those steps.

Thanks, Dr. Seuss, for a little visual imagery.

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