Thursday, January 19, 2012

Where's the Soul?

"Stand Tall. Stand Strong." (24x48)

I am on a mission looking for the Soul of my business. Passion and why we do what we do are two different things. Passion = the WHAT (my art) Why = the reason I am passionate about my art. Passion alone is not enough to fuel a goes deeper.

Through a series of exercises we were asked in Hello Soul Hello Business to list the common words that kept popping up. Oddly enough, my most common words were: independent, adventurous, free, fun. I know....kinda shallow..... but FUN!! Right now it adds up to this statement for why I am passionate about having an art business:

"To freely and independently provide for fun adventures while fulfilling a need to express and radiate encouraging inspiration to others."

How awesome it is to use art as an avenue to create a positive feeling in someone else!

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