Monday, July 12, 2010

Baseball, fireworks, and sculptures, oh my!

I love summertime! We love going to the ballpark right in the heart of the city. Someday maybe we will live there so we can just walk! It's such a great distraction to get out and about among the action and see things you wouldn't normally see on an everyday basis. We got there way e...a....r...l...y... because it was hat-give-away-night. But I'm glad because Rick looks great in his new hat!

The park keeps it's roof closed so it's nice and comfortable......
Later, they open the roof and have an awesome display of fireworks set to music!
This is one of the amazing sculptures downtown. Look at the little girl in the bottom right.....the sculpture is huge!
PS. My "Do Not Bend" stickers and mailing envelopes came in!!! Yippee! But where are those ka...uu..te business cards???


  1. Love the ballpark. Every year we go to the Astros' opening day. Its great fun.

  2. that sculpture is great- is it always there, or is it temporary? it looks huge!


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