Friday, July 16, 2010

Becoming more observant & soulful

While my art supplies are packed away until we move, I have noticed that I am looking at things differently, creatively. I am trying to not just look but "see". The lake house is such a healing, calming, relaxing place to be. There is something about the water I am drawn to. Today the water is particularly still and peaceful. As I stood on the deck looking out, the analogies were so apparent. The gates were open waiting for me to walk through on my next adventure, the path is laid out before me, the support is on either side cheering me on into the wide open waters of possibilities. There is power in observation.....waiting for our eyes to "see" and discover.


  1. i'm not much of a visual artist, but after reading danny gregory's book "creative license" and sketching more (at least for a period of time) i learned to really SEE thing by drawing them. i have a feeling visual artist look at the world differently than i do and notice so much more...

  2. thanks for leading me to your blog thru your comment on mine. I love what I am seeing here--love your "about me," your artwork and your bucket list. Wow--what a gorgeous view. The gate, path and water--I'm going to borrow your image and carry it with me today. it's a great visual to remind me to keep my possibilities open. I'm a new follower of your blog. glad we met thru flying lessons:)

  3. this is so beautiful! what a lovely place! and what a wonderful insight :)


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