Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It takes a village....

Oh....my....gosh......it......worked! If it weren't for my own personal tech guy, Cory, coming to the rescue I would be in a heap! While I am still learning photoshop, he is able to keep me going. Have you heard of Dropbox? It is a free software program you download onto your computer that can link another computer to yours. I scanned "Embrace Change" into my computer, put it in my Dropbox, Cory picked it up from his computer in the Dropbox file, pieced it together in Photoshop, placed it back in the Dropbox for me to pick up and print. Uh.....maze.......ing. The prints are exceptional!
It takes a village to get this going....Thank you from the very deep down bottom of my heart for the family and friends, and new friends in far reaching parts of the globe that are helping me through encouraging comments both in person and email, fb, and blog. Encouragement, interest, and advice are sooooo welcome. And, thank you, Cory, for sharing your time/skills, and expert knowledge with me so I can keep moving ahead. And, thank you, Rick, for keeping me going emotionally!! He is seeing up close and personal the way ups and the way downs of the emotional roller coaster of "Is this going to work?" He is as steady as a rock......and makes me laugh. xxoo
My mom said "Embracing Change" should be my signature piece and I think she's right. It expresses everything I am doing all wrapped up into a neat little powerful 12x12 square.
Over that speedbump.....on to the next please.

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