Tuesday, July 20, 2010

my website....it's here!!

It's finally here!! Such a gigantic step......a leap.......hurdle!! My heart is bursting with excitement! Please visit my new website (designed by Cory) and let me know what you think!


  1. Your Website is wonderful. I love how your BG signature ! And I also love the quote in your header. The art in the header is amazing.
    Your site is also easy to navigate.
    I'll be back again soon !

  2. Barbara...I love it! Your artwork is amazing! the design of the blog is simple yet interesting. On the page with pictures of all your work,I love the way each piece is made to look like little photograhs.

  3. Yor blog looks great and your art is really beautiful and showcased so well! Great job!

  4. beautiful website! i love that everything is super easy to navigate and your portfolio looks fabulous! congratulations! thank you for being so inspiring!

    best wishes,

  5. Wow, you are running so fast! I'm very happy for you, your website reveals so well your personality and your love for life and art! Brava! You are an inspiring example for me!


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