Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Show n' Tell

They're here! My ka.....uu.....te business cards!! They measure 2"x2". The front has the signature piece and the back my info.
I like the size and the fact that they are a little different than the 'normal' business cards.
Seeing the word artist under my name makes me smile! Happy Day!
One of my ecourse classmates invited me to put some of my work in her gallery!! Much more on this soon.................


  1. oh those cards are too cute. and i like that they are an out of the ordinary shape and size. that will make them stand out.

    ok, thanks for suggesting the song subject of embracing change- i'll keep that in mind and see if something bubbles up. it's a great universal theme. i love suggestions, so thank u!

  2. Congratulation for cards, they are very nice! Mine arrived a few days ago... And I am very happy for the invite you have received to the classmate's gallery! I look forward to know more on this...

  3. I...LOVE...THEM! Great idea to have the square shape instead of standard size. Elegant, creative, simple yet professional. You got it right, dear sis!

  4. I love these. They are ka.....uu.....te indeed. I just ordered some for the gallery. I guess I should get some for myself as well. Looking forward to getting together this week.

  5. what a super fun idea to have square business cards! my paintings are usually square and i've often cropped the image to fit on the opposite side, but these little cards are perfect and so cute!

    how fun is that to see your name and then artist beneath! there's something about that that's so professional and official. like from here you can only move forward :)

    best wishes to you!


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